Yoga For Athletes


Julius Hudacek and Henrik Lundberg

Photo: Elin Strigå

Our strength is greater than the sum of our muscles.


That's why yoga can be a time-efficient and valuable supplement for active athletes as it includes mobility, functional strength, balance and mental focus. With only little time to spare, you can do a short, custom yoga routine that balances both body and mind.


I work with players from the Örebro Hockey A-Team, ÖSK Fotboll, KIF Örebro and the entire Kumla Hockey A-Team. Their routines are fully customized to the respective sport and the individuals' needs.


If you want help in your team/association, I offer workshops, regular meetings alternatively a review of yoga routines in connection with eg a training camp.


It's possible to book private lessons or consultations for one or more persons, customized to individual needs.



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