At the moment no P.R.Y.L. is scheduled but this is what I've recently been up to:


Yoga for the refugee crisis, Örebro


P.R.Y.L. in Västerås


P.R.Y.L. for the benefit of The Nature Conservation Association, Örebro


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Yoga is not a performance-oriented form of exercise. The goal is not to, for example, make your daily run a little faster, or lift a little heavier at the gym. It's about feeling good in your body and soul. When you have fun you feel good, like when you are watching a band you like perform at a show.


I want to combine the two "feel-good aspects" that the yoga and music experience provides.


The aim is to practice a vinyāsa yoga (sequences which bind together the exercises and do them in a flow) which is one with the music, rather than having the music in the background.


During a Punk.Rock.Yoga.Love. workout, we move to the big hymns of punk, rock, hard rock, metal and other alternative music. The exercises are tailored to the group so that everyone can keep up and be challenged by their own abilities. In other words, the purpose of Punk.Rock.Yoga.Love. is to be challenging and rewarding for all; beginners, experienced, rigid and mobile. In the punk spirit, solidarity applies - everyone is welcome!





Inspired by Joe Strummer & The Clash


The "Love" in Punk.Rock.Yoga.Love. is of course the love for the music but also the love the music conveys.


Above all, punk is associated with solidarity and anti-capitalism. When the legendary punk band The Clash were reunited, it was not to make money from sold out concerts.

They reunited to play for free in order to assist fire fighters in their struggle for fair wages.


Punk.Rock.Yoga.Love. follows in those tracks and want to convey the love and help to those in need. Therefore, all or part of the revenues always goes to charity.


And hey, if you want to attend a yoga class but are broke. Send me an email and we'll fix it.

Do you see the yoga position?